Lucky Bay

If you have ever dreamt of befriending kangaroos while tanning on an ice-white beach, Lucky Bay in Western Australia is the place for you. Lucky Bay also offers the unique opportunity to camp on the beach. The turquoise waters and warm sand create the perfect atmosphere to fall asleep while gazing at the millions of stars above. Voted Australia’s beach with the whitest sand, this strip of land seems too good to be true.

Getting There

You will not want to wait to visit this stunning location so you can most easily and quickly access Lucky Bay by flying into Perth International Airport in Australia. Travel from Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Ottawa and Winnipeg to Perth or from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hawaii, New York, Las Vegas and Chicago to Perth operated by United Airlines, American Airlines and Qantas. Australians can take direct flights from Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, and Adelaide. Once landed, take another flight to Esperance Airport for a duration of 1.5 hours. Beach wanders can then rent a car, or jump into public transportation to cover the 62 kilometers from the airport to beach in around one hour. Your dreams of white sands and azure waters are only a flight, skip and a hop away.