Ofu Island

Tiffany blue water glides over the sand on Ofu Island, Tonga. This remote island offers dense rainforests to hike through and a calm, picturesque beach. Most visitors to this island are backpackers who live for nights spent under the stars. The terrain is easy to navigate and the protected water is mellow and inviting. The calm water is ideal for snorkeling or kayaking because you will not have to deal with aggressive waves, and visibility will remain clear. Ofu Island is a remote paradise that will help you to forget all of your worries.

Getting There

Vava’u International Airport is a twenty-minute drive from Ofu Island’s main beach. However, in order to get there, you must take an international flight that will most likely stop in Nadi, Fiji. Due to the remote nature of this island, flights to and from the island are limited. You will, therefore, need to carefully plan your trip around the available flight dates. Once you have arrived, hop in a shuttle or taxi and arrive at your dream destination in a mere twenty minutes. Whether you are traveling from Brisbane, Auckland, Melbourne or Vancouver you can easily get a flight to Nadi.