Panasia Island Beach

Turquoise waves wash up on the white sand of Panasia Island Beach at a dreamlike pace. Considered the most beautiful beach in Papua New Guinea, this stretch of sand is liken to a postcard. Washed ashore long ago, ancient remains of boats can be found lounging on the sand. Closer to the water, colorful starfish relax in the sun, soaking in just an inch of the sea. Tiny brown huts are scattered throughout the island, bringing the idea of beach bumming alive, and luring you to stick around. Be careful, you may never leave this remote oasis.

Getting There

You will fly to Jackson’s International Airport in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea before taking a connecting flight to Panasia Island. There are international, direct flights to Port Moresby from Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo on Air Niugini.