Rarotonga Beach

Rarotonga Beach offers pristine waves, angel-white sand, and a lush forest. Dive into sky blue water and explore the colonies of fish, turtles and manta rays in the area. Hike through the gorgeous greenery and enjoy the view from a lookout they call The Needle. You are also encouraged to take a kayak or paddleboard out on the water and enjoy your surroundings while getting some exercise. Stop by the Muri Lagoon and Muri Night Market to get a taste of local culture and enrich your vacation even more.

Getting There

The international airport in Rarotonga is your best option for accessing this beach. If you are coming from North America, Europe or Asia, you will need a connecting flight through either Australia or New Zealand. You can then connect directly to the Cook Islands. After arriving in Rarotonga, you can either take a pre-arranged shuttle/taxi or hop in a rental car to drive yourself to the beach. If you do not pre-arrange a car, it is likely there will not be an available cab waiting for you, so be sure to do this ahead of time. We recommend you fly to Auckland, New Zealand from where you can get a direct flight to the Cook Islands