Recherche Archipelago

Return to your childhood daydream by entering a Dr. Seuss-like world at the Pink Beach in Recherche Archipelago. From above, this lake looks like a massive piece of bubblegum. With a small strip of white sand and forest separating the lake and the ocean, this beach allows you a glimpse at one of science’s biggest mysteries. To this day, scientists have been unable to identify exactly why this lake is pink, but one thing we know for sure is that venturing to the pink beach in Recherche Archipelago offers a unique opportunity that you cannot find anywhere else.

Getting There

Esperance Airport is the closest airport to Recherche Archipelago, Middle Island. Very few international carriers fly into this small airport, so we recommend you fly into Perth, Australia then connecting to a domestic flight. You can easily fly to Perth from Toronto, Vancouver, Melbourne, Halifax and other popular cities around the globe.