Slaughter Bay

Slaughter Bay on Norfolk Island is a beautiful balance between forest-green woods and sparkling blue oceans. The crescent-shaped bay is home to still water that is consistently warm and inviting to beachgoers yearound. Enjoy a relaxing picnic on the beach or go for an easy hike through the trees along the shoreline. Bring a snorkel to search the crystal clear water for all kinds of marine life and be prepared to reconnect with yourself and nature after a day spent at this remote beach.

Getting There

Norfolk Island International Airport is a ten-minute drive from Slaughter Bay in southern Australia. Flying into one of the major Australian airport hubs like Sydney is recommended, then you can hop on a connection to Norfolk Island. There are shuttles, taxis, and cars for rent at the airport which you can opt for. You can easily fly to Sydney from Toronto, Vancouver, Melbourne, Halifax and other popular cities around the globe.