Snapper Rocks Beach

Walking down the grassy, electric-green hill to Snapper Rocks Beach, you will have an excellent view of the horizon. The sky appears to melt into the ocean and the brilliant blue barrels crashing onto the beach summon all surfers near and far to jump in. Snapper Rocks Beach in Australia is home to some of the most consistent swells in the world. Each year, the World Surf League’s Quicksilver and Roxy Tournament is held here and the beach hosts crowds of hundreds of people. If you are an avid surfer, Snapper Rocks Beach is your dream come true.

Getting There

Snapper Rocks Beach is incredibly close to Brisbane International Airport. You can fly directly into Brisbane from several international hubs including Los Angeles and Singapore. If you’d prefer, you can also fly into Sydney, Australia and take a connecting flight north to Brisbane. After you have exited the airport you can rent a car or hop in a taxi for the one-hour long drive south to Snapper Rocks Beach. North Americans can easily get a flight to Brisbane from popular cities including Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and many more.