Tetiaroa Atoll

Tetiaroa Atoll Beach in French Polynesia is a square patch of land surrounded by rich-blue ocean. One of many islands in French Polynesia, Tetiaroa Atoll is close to Papeete and offers its own version of tropical paradise. Explore the lagoon in the middle of the island or relax on the beach, staring at the endless sea ahead. With palm trees relaxed at a thirty-degree angle and the sun blending into the ocean across the horizon, Tetiaroa is what beach dreams are made of.

Getting There

Airlines all around the world offer an abundance of flights to Papeete’s Faa’a International Airport. Whether you are flying from Tokyo, Sydney, Paris or Honolulu, you will have several flight options to get to Tahiti. Once in Papeete, you will take a connection to Tetiaroa on a twenty-minute flight with Tetiaroa Air. After arriving in Tetiaroa, you are within a twenty-minute drive to the ocean.