Tikehau Beach

In the treasure trove of beaches that is French Polynesia, Tikehau Beach is without a doubt one of the crowning jewels. This stretch of sea possesses a myriad of attractions including translucent sand, calm water perfect for diving and snorkeling, and palm trees galore! Brave the current and go kayaking to see marine life up close, or just soak in every ounce of relaxation while on the beach. Allow the peaceful atmosphere to draw you away from all of your worries and enjoy living a life fit for a king.

Getting There

North American and European travelers can fly to Los Angeles from where they can take a flight to Papeete, Tahiti. From Papeete Airport you can fly to Tikehau Airport via Air Tahiti or you can cruise your way through the South Pacific to Tikehau beach. Whether you are traveling from Toronto, San Francisco or Vancouver you can easily take a flight to Los Angeles and start your journey from there to Tikehau Beach.