Tumon Beach

With massive boulders peppering the white sand, and green vegetation brushing against the shore, Tumon Beach in Guam is a beautiful sight. The water is extremely shallow, reaching about a four-foot maximum. This allows for children of all ages to safely play in the water and creates excellent snorkeling conditions. The calm water provides clear visibility and there are hundreds of species of fish just a snorkel’s length away. Enjoy a glass of wine at one of the many beautiful restaurants on the beach while you look out at a magical view.

Getting There

Tumon Beach is one of the most accessible beaches on this list. You will first fly to Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport in Guam. If you are flying from Singapore or other major hubs in Asia, there are several direct flight options. However, if you are coming from Europe or North America, you will have to make at least one connection before arriving in Guam. Once you’ve landed, this beach is a mere ten-minute taxi ride from the airport. North Americans can easily get a flight to Singapore from popular Canadian cities including Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal.