Beirut Beach

There’s nothing keeping you from enjoying the jewel of Beirut. This gorgeous public beach is open for everyone. Gaze into the vibrant blue waters as you walk along the coast. Enjoy fresh seafood and delicious Lebanese cuisine at one of the many nearby cafes and restaurants. You’ll find everything you need, including beach balls, inflatable floaters and goggles. Sit down with your friends and a hookah by the beach. Or just take in the gorgeous sunset. Don’t worry about change rooms or restrooms, the beach is equipped with both.

Getting There

Lebanon is served by Rafic Hariri International Airport 7 km south of the city center. You can venture there from North America via London, Frankfurt, Paris, Istanbul, Doha, Rome, Geneva. To get to the city, taxis are the only option without renting a car. There is no public transit system going directly to town from the airport. Make sure to confirm the price before entering the cab. Don’t be afraid to bargain.