Cleopatra Beach

This popular beach destination is named after the Egyptian queen herself who, legend has it, stopped here on her Mediterranean journey to bathe. There’s a reason why she landed at this exact spot. This 2.5 km long stretch boasts golden sand, gorgeous coastal views and clear blue water. Hundreds of sunbeds and umbrellas line the beach. It’s become a favorite for tourists and locals who relish in the many restaurants, bars and shops in the area. Despite its popularity, this well-maintained beach has not been sullied by the hundreds of daily visitors.

Getting there

This gorgeous beach has been a driver for the growing tourism industry in the area, which means you’ll have no problem finding accommodations in the area. Now you just have to get there. There are two airports in the area. The more common airport to fly into is in Antalya, a roughly 2-hour ride away. Hire a taxi, rent a car or see if your hotel offers a shuttle ride. Gazipasa Alanya Airport is much smaller but offers a much shorter 45-minute drive. Take a shuttle straight to your hotel door or take the local bus, which is also quite fast. North Americans, Europeans, Asians and travelers from around the globe can easily get flights to Istanbul and Ankara from where they can get a connecting flight to Antalya, Turkey.