Nha Trang Beach

Many have called this the most beautiful bay in the world, and we’re not surprised. The bright turquoise water against the golden sand is only a portion of what makes this spot so special. This 7-km coastal beauty is replete with lush green landscapes, fantastic shopping, local eateries and nearby islands that are accessible by boat. Go for a dip inside the roped off swimming area, safe from boat traffic and jet skis. Take in the rich culture and good vibes and feel the grandeur of Nha Trang.

Getting There

Fly into Vietnam with international airports in Ho Chi Minh City, Danang and Hanoi. While no direct flights are offered from North America, you can find many connecting flights through Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok, Singapore, Seoul and Tokyo. From there, you can take a local flight from Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi to Cam Ranh Airport, followed by a 35-km taxi, motorbike or minivan ride to the south of town. By train, take an overnight trip from Ho Chi Minh city on the Reunification Express. The train stops right at Nha Trang. If you take the bus, you’re going to want to drive overnight. There are 8-hour overnight buses from Ho Chi Minh City as well as 10-hr overnight buses available from Hoi An.