Siloso Beach

This magical getaway is Singapore’s coolest beach destination. Siloso Beach is frequented by locals and tourists thanks to its spotless facilities, clear water and activities like kayaking or skimboarding. The waves may be calm, but you can still surf the man-made waves. Look out at the gorgeous azure water and the lush palm trees and you’ll forget that you’re right in the heart of the city. The soft golden sand was imported from Australia and is kept exceptionally clean.

Getting There

Your downtown beach dream is not far away. Fly into Singapore’s award-winning Changi International Airport, a major hub for international flights from around the world. This airport has everything, from a spa to a butterfly garden. Many West coast hubs in North America fly directly to Singapore, namely San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and Vancouver. There are also many connecting flights through Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo and Shanghai. From the airport, you can take an hour 15-minute direct subway ride to the beach. Or shorten your trip to 30 minutes and drive there by rental car or taxi.