Spiaggia Baia Verde di Gallipoli

You won’t be the only one sunbathing at Spiaggia Baia Verde di Gallipoli, but that’s what makes this area so happening. A popular place for party-goers, this beach is lined with exciting bars and restaurants to fuel your entertainment. And if you’re not interested in the festivities, you’ll still be blown away by the soft sand, crystal clear sea. Bring a little extra cash to rent a beach chair and umbrella (or to use the shower), and you’re guaranteed to enjoy your visit.

Getting There

North Americans, Europeans, Asians and travelers from around the globe can get flights to Brindisi, Italy. Once in Brindisi arrive by train to Lecce and then take the secondary railway line that arrives in Gallipoli in the center of the station. When you arrive in Gallipoli you need an NCC rental.