Tossa de Mar Beach

Tossa de Mar is known for its welcoming combination of sand and sea, but visitors enjoy a taste of medieval history when visiting too. The pebbly beach along the Costa Brava offers picture-perfect views of the nearby castle, which becomes an even more stunning backdrop as the sun sets in the evening. Clearwater without rocks makes for enjoyable swimming while you admire your surroundings. Be aware that the land slopes steeply to the ocean, making the sea a touch more difficult to access for young kids and the elderly.

Getting There

North American, Asians, Australian and travelers from around the globe can easily get flights to Barcelona, Spain. The Costa Brava’s craggy coastline means you can’t reach her by rail, but fortunately, Sarfa runs a reasonably regular bus service from Barcelona (normally about six buses a day), journey time around an hour and twenty minutes. And, if needs are, you can also go by train to nearby Girona, and from there catch a bus to Tossa. Girona has its own small airport so you may even be able to transfer directly.