Anakena Beach

On Easter Island’s most famous beach, pure-white coral sands meet lush green rolling hills dotted with palms. The blue water laps the shore — so clear as you tread water you can see the rocks and the schools of fish swimming by, brushing your dangling feet as if they were seaweed. Despite being just one of two sand beaches on an otherwise rocky coastline, Anakena is quite remote. Visit in the morning to avoid the crowds, and in the low season, you can spend the whole day without encountering anyone but the local wildlife.

Getting there

The only airline serving Easter Island is LATAM. It has daily flights to/from Santiago and one weekly flight to/from Pape’ete. Using flight search engines, you can find the best prices and the best times to book your journey from Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Calgary, Las Vegas and many more destinations around the world.