Bahia Inglesa

The sand is so white at Bahia Inglesa, it almost appears gray, as if slightly reflecting the blue skies above on its shiny surface. Sheltered by rocks that break the tide, the waters are calm and shallow, luring you in by fading from translucent blue to blinding turquoise and the deepest blue you’ve ever seen. Located in the breathtaking Atacama region, there’s no doubt that this is one of the best beaches in Chile, let alone the planet. It’s a great place to stop for the day, and with plenty of hotels and accommodations nearby, extending your stay is easy.

Getting there

Also known as the British Port, Bahia Inglesa is the most visited beach of the region. The nearest airport is in the city Copiapo. The distance between Copiapó and Bahía Inglesa is 75 km. There are options for airport transfer via rent-a-car. The distance between Caldera and Bahía Inglesa is 5 Kms (10 mins. by car). You can also travel from Santiago to Copiapo via Land route or airway or there are direct buses from Santiago to Bahía Inglesa.