Cabo Blanco

We’re not the first to think Peru’s Cabo Blanco is one of the best in the world — author Ernest Hemingway also had a soft spot for this beach, spending many years here when it was still just a fishing village. Today, this beautiful beach is more known for its surf more than its big-game fish — surf enthusiasts from all over the world make the journey here to catch a wave. But if you don’t want to surf you can still enjoy this beach’s sprawling shoreline, refreshing waters and quaint town.

Getting there

North Americans, Asians, Europeans and travellers from around the world can easily get flights to Lima, Peru from where they can get a flight to Capitán FAP Víctor Montes Arias International Airport, Talara. You can get non stop flights with LATAM and Viva Air from Lima to Talara. The beach is an hour drive from the Talara airport.