Cayo Sombrero

Visit Cayo Sombrero in Morrocoy National Park, and you’ll find it difficult to believe your eyes. Located in Western Venezuela, Cayo Sombrero is the second largest island in the park, and one of the most popular among beach lovers. It’s home to two large beaches with cartoonish palm trees that stretch over the sea. Overnight camping is allowed, small restaurants serve the freshest local seafood, and snorkeling is easy and always rewarding. It’s tough to beat this stretch of Venezuelan paradise.

Getting there

Travelers can reach Morrocoy National Park and Cayo Sombrero by entering Venezuela at Simon Bolivar International Airport in Caracas. From there, visitors can head to the beach via a 3-hour-long taxi ride or taking the bus to Valencia and hiring a taxi from there. When you land at the airport, you’re just a few hours from paradise on the sand in Morrocoy National Park. Canadians can easily get a flight to Venezuela from Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax.