Isla San Andrés

San Andres is a tiny seahorse-shaped Caribbean island (approximately sixteen square kilometers). It is the largest of a three-island archipelago situated about 150 kilometers east of Nicaragua. You will be surprised at the number of things to see and do in San Andres. The island is best known for its pristine beaches, palm trees and friendly locals. It is also a great destination for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. Amongst other things, San Andres also offers duty-free shopping and a vibrant nightlife. Must-see villages San Luis and La Loma will give visitors an introduction to Caribbean life. San Andres experiences good weather all year-round, and it is pretty easy to traverse the island.

Getting there

San Andres is best visited during the dry season, January to mid-April. Traveling to San Andres is not too complicated, but it’s also not one of the most straightforward trips. While San Andres is a Colombian Island, it is 800 kilometers from the mainland and much nearer to Nicaragua than Colombia. You can get to San Andres by flying to Nicaragua, Colombia or Costa Rica. From there you will need by travel either by small aircraft or sailboat to San Andres. Sailing from Nicaragua to San Andres is not recommended due to pirates so a small aircraft is pretty much the best bet. Many Caribbean cruises stop in San Andres and let passengers disembark to enjoy the beaches, shopping and nightlife.