Las Grutas

Las Grutas is a Patagonian beach paradise. It is a relatively unknown beach resort city with wonderful weather and stunning beaches. You would not think that a city situated so close to Antarctica would offer warm coastal waters but it does. Water temperatures in Las Grutas hover around 27°C. Las Grutas which means “The Caves” in Spanish refers to the cliffs which lie between the city and coast creating an almost windless environment. The region also gets twelve hours of sunlight each day creating perfect beach conditions. In addition to the above, a strong coastal current in the Gulf of San Matias draws the tide a kilometer out to sea during low tide exposing the underlying sand and coral to the sun. Hence the uncharacteristically warm water.

Getting there

The beaches of Las Grutas are located along the cooler southern shores of Argentina’s seemingly endless eastern seaboard. The town is about 15 km from San Antonio Oeste. Visitors from the United States, Canada and Europe would travel to one of Argentina’s main cities and take a connecting flight to San Antonio. Flights from most major cities to Buenos Aires can be booked for approximately 1200 USD. From San Antonio there are buses going to and from Las Grutas. Another option would be to take an overnight bus ride (16 hours) from Buenos Aires to San Antonio.