Mompiche Beach

The coast of Ecuador’s Mompiche Beach is dotted with more fishing boats than tourists. But, this little-known slice of paradise isn’t so much remote as it is quaint and simply unknown internationally — making it the ideal destination for those who prefer going off the beaten path. At Mompiche, it’s just the sound of the ocean crashing against the shore and the faint cheering of surfers catching a wave. Grab a book, chat up a local and be sure to pack up by sunset — as this is still just a little fishing village, after all.

Getting there

If coming from Atacames, Mompiche is relatively easy to reach, but you have two options to make the trip. The simplest by far is to get on a bus that terminates in Mompiche. This should take around two hours. North Americans can take a flight to Quito, Ecuador. From Quito, you can catch a connecting flight to Esmeraldas. Once you arrive in Esmeraldas, Atacames is a 40-minute ride.