Morro Branco

The giant red rock formations of Morro Branco look even more vibrant when set against the towering green palms and clear blue water before them. The most popular place to hang out is known as “the labyrinth,” which is a soft, sandy section amongst the eroded cliffs. Beach huts, restaurants, bars, and a number of other amenities make this an ideal place to hang out for the day. Morro Branco sits just 83 kilometres from Fortaleza, so keep in mind that it can get crowded on weekends and during the high season.

Getting there

Fortaleza International Airport offers a long list of domestic and international flights to and from Fortaleza every day. From there, travelers can use a rental car, taxi, or bus to make the short 83-kilometre drive to the sand and sea at Morro Branco. Using flight search engines, you can find the best prices and the best times to book your journey from Toronto, Vancouver, Orlando, London, Cancun, Halifax and many more destinations around the world.