Noronky Beach

Noronky Beach may have a bit of a different name, but its shoreline is anything but. In fact, the idyllic shimmering sands, cerulean blue waters and periwinkle skies look like one of those travel postcards that’s just too good to be true. This remote island beach off the coast of Venezuela is quite wild, so when you arrive, you may be lucky enough to be the only ones there. If that’s the case, kick back, swim with the fish, snorkel to the coral reef and prepare yourself not to brag too much when you get back home. You’re going to want to keep this place a secret.

Getting there

You can get to Noronky beach by flying into the Los Roques Airport. North Americans, Australians, Europeans and travellers around the world can fly to Caracas, Venezuela from where they can catch a direct flight to Los Roques Airport. Noronky Beach is 15 km away from the airport. You can take a ferry to this small beautiful beach.