Ovahe Beach

Glowing pink and kissed by turquoise waters, Easter Island’s Ovahe Beach looks otherworldly. The volcanic cliffsides glow with a reddish tinge — the slag from the earth and the eroded white coral making the most beautiful pink sand beach. Tucked in a cove about a mile from the famous Anakena beach, Ovahe, which was once inhabited by natives in nearby caves, is remote and often overlooked by visitors. When you go, be sure to time it right with the tide — as getting down to the beach requires stepping over steep rocks that disappear as the tide moves in.

Getting there

The nearest airport to the Ovahe beach is Mataveri Airport. The only airline that flies here is LATAM, a Chilean airline headquartered in Santiago. That means travelers must fly through Chile. There are about a dozen flights each week. Getting around on Easter Island is easy, taxis often drive around looking for passengers, a better option is to pre-book before setting out on your daily adventure. Ovahe is situated at a bit more than 18 km from Hanga Roa. To get here, take the same main road that crosses the island and connects Hanga Roa with Anakena. Approximately one kilometer before reaching the end, take a detour by a dirt road that opens to the right and continue for about 200 meters then turn left. After about 350 meters you will reach a small esplanade that ends in a stone wall where the path leading to the beach begins. In order to visit Ovahe it is necessary to rent a car, motorcycle. Another possibility is to take a taxi that leaves you in Ovahe and then pick you up at a certain time in Anakena