Palomino Beach

A secret spot the locals kept to themselves Palomino was once an unknown destination. While it has not yet been flooded with tourists and large-scale development a number of hostels have popped up in the area. With a long stretch of white sand and azure blue water the beach is breathtaking. One of the things which makes Palomino so unique is that you can sit on the beach and have the ocean in front of you and the snow-capped Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains at your back. The area is also known for fun and adrenaline-packed activities like horse riding on the beach, tubing on the Palomino river and hiking to waterfalls where you can take a dip in the crystal clear pools.

Getting there

Colombia has done a lot to clean up its reputation in recent years and is now a much more tourist-friendly country. Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena are lovely vacation destinations. Palomino beach is located on Colombia’s northern coastline. It is one and half hour drive from Santa Marta, the nearest city. You can fly to Colombia from any major city in Canada, the U.S. or Europe. An American Airlines flight from Vancouver to Medellin costs about 1000 USD while one to Bogota is shorter and costs around 800 USD.