Playa Medina

This beach is narrow — so thin in fact, the towering coconut trees lining the shoreline could drop their fruit right into the ocean. But what this beach lacks in size makes up for in charm and jaw-dropping beauty. Nestled in a small cove, this crescent-shaped beach is remote — the dazzling sands, intense blue waters and lush forest are somehow largely untouched by the outside world. Here, you’ll feel like a castaway, and you won’t it mind one bit. With plenty of coconuts to go around and an inn at the end of the beach, you could stay forever.

Getting there

Playa Medina is located in the North-Eastern region of Venezuela. Travellers can easily get a flight to Caracas from many international cities including New York, Shanghai, Berlin, Sao Paulo, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, and Ottawa. From Caracas, we advise you to rent a car and drive along the coast to Playa Medina which is a 10-hour drive and explore the coastline of Venezuela.