Praia do Espelho

If you want to enjoy Praia do Espelho in all its glory, get there when the tide is low. As the natural pools of green-blue water form, the sea and sand turn into a giant “espelho”, or mirror — the glassy pools reflecting the sky and powdery white clouds. But even after the tide pulls out this beach will leave you breathless. The sand fades from white to pink where it meets the sea, mangrove and palm trees reaching out towards the beach — seemingly trying to grab your attention. Your focus, however, will remain where the sand meets the water, enticing you to play.

Getting there

The nearest airport to Praia do Espelho is Porto Seguro International Airport (BSL). There are no direct flights to this airports, but multijet connecting travel is possible from all major cities. Once you reach Porto Seguro, you can take a private cab or a taxi to get to the beach. The total distance is approx 60 km which will take you around 2 hours to cover till the beach.