Punta Cormorant

The Galapagos are home to more breathtaking beaches than many parts of the world combined, and Punta Cormorant is one of the most stunning of them all. However, the name can be deceiving, as Punta Cormorant is not home to any cormorants. However, you will find an abundance of white-cheeked pintails and flamingos, among other interesting flora and fauna. Take the short walk over the volcanic cinders, and you’ll find a beach of coral that has been ground so fine it feels more like flour than sand.

Getting there

Reaching Floreana involves taking a ferry from Puerto Ayora in the morning and returning in the afternoon. It’s recommended that you buy a ticket for a ferry that is nearly full, so you don’t risk cancellation due to a lack of customers. Baltra Airport is the closest and most convenient airport to Puerto Ayora. North Americans, Europeans, Asians and travellers from around the globe can catch a flight to Guayaquil, Ecuador from where they can get a direct flight to Puerto Ayora.