Punta Sal Beach

This coastal village has transformed into a hot destination for locals and travelers in northern Peru — its long, golden beach is warmed by El Nino winds year-round, making it the ideal place to frolic in the sand and splash in the Pacific. Here, you’ll find plenty of room to kick back and sunbathe. But, it’s also lined with resorts and restaurants so you never have to travel far to indulge in local cuisine or sip on a tropical drink. We suggest starting the day with a sunrise horseback ride, spending the afternoon under a straw umbrella and the evening hopping between happy hours.

Getting there

The nearest airport to Punta Sal beach is Cap. FAP Víctor Montes Arias International Airport ( TYL). There are regular connecting flights to this airport from Toronto & Vancouver. After reaching TYL airport you can take a private cab or taxi to Punta Sal beach. It is a 100 km journey which will take you around 1 hour 30 minutes to cover the distance.