Tortuga Bay

It’s easy to see why Tortuga Bay is praised as the most beautiful of the Galapagos Islands — with bleached-white sands and calm shimmering waters, it’s the idyllic beach in which dreams are made of. But, being a nature preserve, you’re only going to be able to admire the beach while visiting. Tortuga Bay — home to wildlife like turtles, iguanas, crabs, birds and even white tip reef sharks — is strictly for the animals so that the waters stay pristine. So while you can’t dive into the waves here, you are sure to take in some of the wildest and breathtaking sights of your life.

Getting there

Travelers from Canada, Australia, Asia and around the world can easily get flights to Quito or Guayaquil. We suggest you take a flight to Guayaquil, Ecuador. There are several flights a day arriving both to San Cristobal Island and Baltra Island. The airport in Baltra is the one that will connect you to Santa Cruz Island from where you can continue your journey. There are two ways to reach the beach by sea via sea taxis from the passenger’s pier of Puerto Ayora or walking through a path of about 2 km connecting the port. We suggest you walk and enjoy the mesmerizing view and experience the white sand beach of Santa Cruz Island.