World’s Top 50 Untouched Beaches

A magical wonderland of beaches exists beyond the common knowledge of many avid travelers. These beaches are off-the-beaten-path, stunningly exotic, and free from throngs of tourists – in short, these beaches are where you’ll find paradise. To save you from endless hours of research, we’ve done the hard work for you, compiling one of the most comprehensive lists of the World’s Top 50 unexplored beaches.


FlightNetwork was able to craft the Worlds Top 50 Unexplored Beaches© list, by utilizing the experience of over 1200 journalists, editors, bloggers, and agencies from around the world, who have made travel their life. This collaboration allowed us to create the ultimate resource for those who would like to witness the majesty of the world’s most pristine sands, healing waters, and luminous sunsets.


Our catalog of unexplored beaches can help you discover the divine romantic ambiance of Vestahorn Beach in Iceland, Coffee Bay Beach, the otherworldly sea of sand and water at Africa’s Skeleton Coast, and some of the best diving conditions in the world in French Polynesia. Some locations on our list, such as Seychelles, Hawaii, Indonesia, Micronesia, and Fiji won’t surprise you, while others, like Oman, Ireland, Yemen and Namibia will serve to pique your interest and give you a strong case of wanderlust.