Agiofarago Beach

You’ll need to take a short trek to reach Crete’s Agiofarago Beach, but the journey is arguably as beautiful as the destination. You’ll cross a stunning gorge with vertical walls and hike roughly 35 to 50 metres before reaching the azure water, fine pebble sand, and cliff walls of this gorgeous beach. Look to the west and you’ll see a rock arch that you can swim underneath, or climb the cliffs to the east to take in stunning views of the sand and sea from above.

Getting There

The fifth busiest airport in Greece is Chania International Airport (CHQ), located about 14 km from the city of Chania, Crete. Chania Airport is served by dozens of airlines, though the vast majority of them only operate flights in the summer months. Condor, British Airways, EasyJet, and Scandinavian Airlines seasonally connect Toronto to Chania through European cities like Frankfurt, London, and Copenhagen. The only airlines that fly to and from CHQ year-round are Cobalt Air, Olympic Air, and Ryanair. If you are coming from Athens, there are a dozen daily flights to choose from. You can also take a ferry from Athens to Crete. After reaching the port you can take a private vehicle or a taxi to take you the 80 km to the beach.