Binalong Bay

Snuggled into the Bay of Fires Conservation area on the island of Tasmania, Binalong Bay offers a rainbow of colors. From the fire-licked rocks that border the bay, to the angelically white sand, your senses will be overwhelmed with beauty. The ocean’s protected waters are host to many of the world’s unique marine species, as well as some of the the best fishing man can find. Whether you are hiking through the forest, snorkeling in the bay or learning about the immense history this island offers, Binalong Bay will be forever seared into your memory.

Getting There

As Australia’s only island state, access to Tasmania is by air and sea only. Once on our beautiful island, Binalong Bay is a 3.5-hr drive from Hobart and a 2 hr drive from Launceston. Whether you are travelling from Auckland or Hong Kong, Yellowknife or Kuala Lumpur you can easily get a flight to Tasmania