Leopard Beach

You won’t find any leopards here — in fact, Carcass Island, a British territory located off the coast of Patagonia, has mostly been a sheep farm for the last century. But at the end of one rolling pasture, you’ll find Leopard Beach — its blistering-white sands and blue waters looking closer to tropical beaches than the nearby Antarctic coast just to the south. Anyone exploring the Falkland Islands or who’s already made it down to Patagonia should make the trip here. You’ll feel a million miles away from it all.

Getting There

Visitors to Carcass Island arrive either via the government air service or cruise ships that stop at the Island. Carcass Island is in the northwestern portion of the Falkland Islands. Travelling to the Falkland Islands is easier than you might think with options by air and by sea. Arrangements can be made with an international operator or a Falkland-based company. Many visitors choose to arrive with LATAM which operates a flight every Saturday from Santiago, Chile (SCL) returning the same day. A stop is made each way at the southern Chilean city of Punta Arenas (PUQ) where customs formalities for Chile are completed. Civilian passengers can book seats on these flights via the Falkland Islands Government Office in London. All flights arrive at Mount Pleasant Airport (MPN) on East Falkland. The airport is part of Mount Pleasant Complex, managed by the UK Ministry of Defence.