Long Beach Palau

Laying on Long Beach Palau in Micronesia, Koror during low-tide is like relaxing on your own private island. The sand looks and feels like white velvet and the crystal-clear ocean provides excellent visibility. If you venture into the water, be prepared to see turtles, colorful fish and exotic coral. Adventure-lovers will be in paradise with the endless kayaking, boating and off-roading options this land provides. No matter what your perfect day near the water is, Long Beach Palau will fulfil all of your desires.

Getting There

North Americans can fly to Manila in Philippines from where you can get a direct flight to Roman Tmetuchl International Airport in Palau. Whether you are travelling from Toronto or Vancouver, Calgary or Winnipeg you can easily get a flight to Manila. Since Palau itself is a small Island, where lots of small beaches can be found. Long beach is the best in Palau with white sandy beach.