Majuro Atoll

Majuro Atoll beach sits amongst the hundreds of gorgeous, tiny islands in the Pacific Ocean. A slender snake of coral reefs and sand, this islet is almost entirely untouched, with very few local inhabitants.  The bright blue water sparkles in the sunshine and washes up against white, velvet sand. You can spend your day snorkeling, relaxing on the beach or walking down the seemingly endless shore. If you’d like to learn about the island’s history, stop by the Alele Museum or pick up a traditional woven basket from local vendors, an island specialty. Majuro Atoll is a private island beckoning you to forget all of your worries and enjoy nature’s beauty.

Getting There

Majuro Atoll has its own international airport which makes accessing the island relatively easy. United and Hawaiian Airlines run most flights into the airport from the United States. If you are flying from Los Angeles, you will have one layover in Honolulu. If you are flying from London, it is likely you will have two connecting flights prior to arriving at the Marshall Islands. After landing, hop in a cab or rental car to drive the forty minute ride to Majuro Atoll Beach.