Nallikari Beach

Bring your sleeping bag because Nallikari Beach is one of the most stunning places you may ever camp. This seaside resort area is found on a semi-remote island in Oulu, Finland. Not interested in pitching a tent? The roughly ½-kilometre beach is also home to a spa hotel, seaside restaurant, and rentable cottages. Choose your accommodations, and you can call this piece of paradise home for a while. A trackless train travels to the beach in the summer months, making it more accessible to travelers from across Finland and around the world.

Getting There

The nearest airport to Nallikari beach is Oulu Airport (IATA: OUL). You can get cheap flights from Toronto or Vancouver to Oulu Airport. Oulu city is 10 km from Oulu Airport, then its an additional 10 km to Nallikari beach.  You can hire taxi from the airport or take a low-cost taxi service called Kyyti that you can order (and pay in advance) through their app.