Praia do Aventureiro

Aventureiro beach is what island dreams are made of. With clear blue water, white sand and palm trees galore, this beach is ideal for swimming, snorkeling and diving. The beach is part of a protected reserve which supports artisanal fishing and is the epitome of wild and unspoiled beauty. Atlantic rainforest teeming with exotic wildlife makes for exciting hiking. It has been said that Ilha Grande’s night sky is as bright and brilliant as its beaches. Visitors are allowed to camp on the island provided that permits are obtained on the mainland prior to departure. While there are no roads or private vehicles allowed on the island there are a few shops and restaurants, one hotel and many campsites.

Getting there

Praia do Aventureiro or Aventureiro beach is situated on Ilha Grande, an island off the southwest coast of Brazil. You will fly to Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo. Flights from Canadian cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are reasonably priced and available with carriers such as Air Canada, AeroMéxico and Qatar Airlines. From Rio de Janeiro you can take a bus to Angra dos Reis or Mangaratiba. There are several ferries running between Ilha Grande and the mainland every day.