Wharariki Beach

From sand dunes to horseback rides, Wharrariki Beach on the northern tip of New Zealand’s South Island is an adventure-filled nirvana. Accessible only if you are willing to walk at least twenty minutes outside of the nearest city, this beach’s main inhabitants are adorable sea lions. Trek through the caves in search of wildlife or relax on the gorgeous stretch of sand and read a book. Be sure to bring a camera because the trip from the city to the beach will weave you through farmland, majestic oceans, and dense forests, ensuring your fill of nature for the week.

Getting There

Getting to Wharrariki Beach is incredibly easy considering the remote feel of the area. North Americans, Europeans, and travelers from around the world can fly into Auckland which has the most carrier and timing options. Once you’ve arrived in New Zealand you can easily fly to Nelson Airport using local carriers like Air New Zealand and Jetstar. After landing, enjoy a relaxing 2.5-hour drive to your destination.