Bentota Beach

Sri Lanka is quickly becoming a popular travel destination for beach lovers from around the world. However, many of its beaches, like picture-perfect Bentota Beach, are still left without footprints on many days of the year. This long stretch of sand is now lined with a handful of charming beachside hotels and amenities, like a post office, banks, restaurants, and tourist shops are only a short walk away. The area surrounding Bentota Beach is a planned development, and that’s easy to see by the amenities that make this the perfect place to unwind without going entirely off the beaten path.

Getting There

Bentota Beach sits 62 kilometres south of Colombo. Visitors can fly into Bandaranaike International Airport, also known as Colombo International Airport, and take an express bus, train, or taxi to Bentota Beach. Taxi is typically the most convenient option, as taxis are readily available at the airport, and the express highway will have you on the beach in roughly 2 hours. Using flight search engines, you can find the best prices and the best times to book your journey from Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Calgary, Montreal, Los Angeles, Delhi and many more destinations around the world.