Cayo de Agua

Sitting inconspicuously off the coast of Venezuela, Cayo de Agua is essentially unknown to those outside the South American country and the few Italians who happened upon the area decades back. Other than that, this island is hush-hush. It’s unbelievable that a beach with such white sand and ungodly blue waters could be so untouched by tourism. Here, locals greet you with smiles and dolphins splash in the shallows. The periwinkle skies only part ways for spectacular Caribbean sunsets that’ll take your breath away.

Getting there

Cayo De Agua (Los Roques) is an archipelago of Venezuela, located in the Caribbean, at 168 Km (100 miles) north of La Guaira, Caracas. You can take commercial flights from Caracas, Porlamar (Margarita) or Maracaibo. You will arrive on the island of Gran Roque. From here, you can take a catamaran or a fisher boat to reach other islands, like Francisquí o Crasquí.