Three Cliffs

Wild and beautiful is how you best describe Three Cliffs Bay beach. The surrounding nature offers excellent and picturesque views, but you will also be at one with nature so keep your wits about you. It is not always a recommended place to go for a swim due to strong tides and current, however, the landscape is simply marvelous making Three Cliffs Bay the perfect spot to chill for a picnic. Soft sand dunes, salt marsh and the majestic signature three limestone cliffs makes this one of the most photogenic spots on the Grower Coast Path.

Getting There

Both parking and public transportation will take you to Three Cliffs Bay. However, both the parking area and buses stop about 400 metres from the beach, so prepare for a walk in the terrain to reach this gorgeous, natural beach. Cardiff airport is an hour and a half drive from Three Cliffs Bay. You can fly to Wales from popular cities like Toronto, London, Glasgow, Dublin, Vancouver, Belfast, Calgary and many more.