Varadero Beach

In the last few years Cuba has become a major vacation destination because of its pastel-colored homes, private history and spectacular beaches. Varadero Beach is the best on the island. Fine, white sand overflows into bubbling blue water and the pina coladas are never ending. Bodysurf stunning waves, frothing at the top and propelling you towards adventure, or read a book on the beach while glimpsing the perfect horizon. The world-class hotels bordering the beach ensure that you will have pristine accommodations and excellent options for luxurious meals. Varadero Beach promises to leave you feeling relaxed, cultured and grateful for such an incredible trip.

Getting There

Jose Marti Airport is the largest international airport in Havana, Cuba, followed closely by Varadero Airport located a few kilometers outside of the capital. Travelers can get cheap flights to Jose Marti from major cities in the United States and Canada like Toronto, New York, Vancouver, Montreal, Miami, Las Vegas, Calgary and Los Angeles. These flights often cost less than $500 which is an incredible deal! Once landing at the airport, grab a taxi and head to the beach!